WPSSO Core – The Complete Structured Data Plugin


The Complete Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

Provides complete structured data for WordPress to present your content at its best on social sites and in search results – no matter how URLs are shared, reshared, messaged, posted, embedded, or crawled.

Provides structured data markup for:

  • Facebook / Open Graph
  • Facebook Catalog Feed XMLs
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Google Merchant Feed XML
  • Google Rich Results / Rich Snippets
  • Image and Video SEO
  • Instagram Catalog Feed XMLs
  • Mobile Web Browsers
  • oEmbed for LinkedIn, Discord, and Drupal
  • Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Twitter Cards
  • Schema JSON-LD Markup
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp and Messaging Apps
  • WordPress REST API
  • WordPress Sitemaps XML

Support for over 500 different Schema types and sub-types (including Schema Event for WooCommerce products).

Optimized image sizes for social sites and search engines:

  • Google Merchant Feed XML
  • Open Graph (Facebook and oEmbed)
  • Pinterest Pin It
  • Schéma 1:1 (résultats riches Google)
  • Schéma 4:3 (résultats riches Google)
  • Schema 16:9 (Google Rich Results)
  • Schema Thumbnail
  • Twitter Summary Card
  • Twitter Summary Card Large Image
  • Video Preview Images

Fixes all Google Rich Results and Google Merchant errors, including:

  • A value for the headline field is required
  • A value for the image field is required
  • A value for the logo field is required
  • A value for the publisher field is required
  • Invalid value in field « priceSpecification »
  • The aggregateRating field is recommended
  • The brand field is recommended
  • The headline field is recommended
  • The image field is recommended
  • The review field is recommended
  • Missing field « address »
  • Missing field « aggregateRating »
  • Missing field « brand »
  • Missing field « businessDays »
  • Missing field « cutoffTime »
  • Missing field « deliveryTime »
  • Missing field « hasMerchantReturnPolicy » (in « offers »)
  • Missing field « image »
  • Missing field « priceRange »
  • Missing field « review »
  • Missing field « shippingDetails » (in « offers »)
  • Missing field « telephone »
  • No global identifier provided (e.g. gtin mpn isbn)
  • Not a known valid target type for the itemReviewed property
  • Price Mismatched value (page crawl): (price [price])

Supports additional WooCommerce product attributes:

  • Product Adult Type
  • Product Age Group
  • Product Availability
  • Product Brand
  • Product Google Category ID
  • Product Color
  • Product Condition
  • Product Currency
  • Product Energy Rating
  • Product Fluid Volume
  • Product GTIN-14
  • Product GTIN-13 (EAN)
  • Product GTIN-12 (UPC)
  • Product GTIN-8
  • Product GTIN
  • Product Net Height
  • Product ISBN
  • Product Net Len. / Depth
  • Product Material
  • Product MPN
  • Product Min Advert Price
  • Product Pattern
  • Product Price
  • Product Price Type
  • Product SKU
  • Product Shipping Height
  • Product Shipping Length
  • Product Shipping Weight
  • Product Shipping Width
  • Product Size
  • Product Size Group
  • Product Size System
  • Product Target Gender
  • Product Net Weight
  • Product Net Width

Supports additional data from active plugins, including:

  • Co-Authors Plus
  • Elementor Website Builder
  • Gravity Forms + GravityView
  • Perfect Images
  • Perfect WooCommerce Brands
  • Polylang
  • Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce
  • Rate my Post
  • Simple Job Board
  • The Events Calendar
  • Ultimate Member
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Brands
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher
  • WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN
  • WP Job Manager
  • WP-PostRatings
  • WP Product Review
  • WP Recipe Maker
  • WPML
  • YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on
  • Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce

Optionally improves the structured data markup of other SEO plugins:

WPSSO Core and its add-ons can also run in combination with other SEO plugins to improve that SEO plugin’s performance and structured data markup.

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Rank Math SEO
  • SEOPress
  • The SEO Framework
  • WP Meta SEO
  • Yoast SEO

Users Love the WPSSO Core Plugin

★★★★★ – « Unlike competitors, you can literally customize just about every aspect of SEO and Social SEO if you desire to. […] This plugin has the most complete JSON-LD markup out of any of them, so you won’t have any errors and warnings in search console for WordPress or WooCommerce sites. You can go crazy customizing everything, or you can just set and forget. There aren’t many plugins that allow the best of both worlds. » – kw11

★★★★★ – « This plugin makes getting sites structured data ready extremely easy, and it works flawlessly without any issues. It shows messages on the top bar every step of the way to alert you of any issues until everything is set up correctly. It made all my ecommerce products pass Google’s validation tests. Great work. » – marguy1

★★★★★ – « This plugin saves me so much time, and it has really lifted my SERP rankings. Most of my keywords I now rank 1-3 position. I also noticed after about a week that my impressions have gone up at least 75%. I upgraded to the pro version which gave me even more options. » – playnstocks

Captures d’écran

  • The Essential, General, and Advanced settings pages provide all the options you may need, from simple blog sites to advanced e-commerce shops and everything in-between.


26 août 2023
You need some time to understand but that it's just great!
21 août 2023 2 replies
Broke my product page. While this was resolved with an update, who knows how long my product page was reporting errors to clients. I despise any plugin that causes fatal errors. TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST. We are not your guinea pigs.
16 août 2023 3 replies
After ages trying to figure out how to fine tune the SEO of my website and failing miserable I came across this plugin. That just has all the settings I needed a more. At first the warning flashes seemed intimidating but its just trying to help by shouting THIS IS NOT DONE FIX IT. They you do and then no more warning message.
11 août 2023 1 reply
Have used numerous plugins that claim to be able to boost our SEO optimization, etc etc. Ended up with WPSSO over year ago and wish we’d started using it earlier.  While it is not the easiest plugin to utilize initially as you really do need to have a basic understanding of Schema types and how they are best utilized and implemented. However, once you get it dialed in, WPSSO Core and the various Premium editions we use have really helped with our visibility with search engines as well as social media sites understanding our content.  Plus, the support for the Premium level is fantastic! Nothing is without a few hiccups, and the WPSSO team does a stellar job of working with me to improve the plugin when needed. 
11 août 2023 1 reply
I've been asked to rate this plugin. I have had it for a week or so. I am unsure about its benefit to my site. I don't see great advances in increased visits to the site. There might have been some improvements to the visits but it is unclear. The sole purpose of the plugin is to increase hit rate. Hence 3 stars. It is also complicated to set up. And you get tons of messages. Don't really like it.
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Release Schedule

New versions of the plugin are released approximately every week (more or less). New features are added, tested, and released incrementally, instead of grouping them together in a major version release. When minor bugs fixes and/or code improvements are applied, new versions are also released. This release schedule keeps the code stable and reliable, at the cost of more frequent updates.

See release early, release often (RERO) software development philosophy on Wikipedia for more information on the benefits of smaller / more frequent releases.

Version Numbering

Version components: {major}.{minor}.{bugfix}[-{stage}.{level}]

  • {major} = Major structural code changes and/or incompatible API changes (ie. breaking changes).hanges).
  • {minor} = New functionality was added or improved in a backwards-compatible manner.
  • {bugfix} = Backwards-compatible bug fixes or small improvements.
  • {stage}.{level} = Pre-production release: dev < a (alpha) < b (beta) < rc (release candidate).

Standard Edition Repositories

Development Version Updates

WPSSO Core Premium edition customers have access to development, alpha, beta, and release candidate version updates:

Under the SSO > Update Manager settings page, select the « Development and Up » (for example) version filter for the WPSSO Core plugin and/or its add-ons. When new development versions are available, they will automatically appear under your WordPress Dashboard > Updates page. You can reselect the « Stable / Production » version filter at any time to reinstall the latest stable version.

WPSSO Core Standard edition users (ie. the plugin hosted on WordPress.org) have access to the latest development version under the Advanced Options section.

Changelog / Release Notes

Version 17.3.0-dev.5 (2023/11/28)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added support for Document SSO post meta revisions (pending https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/59827).
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • None.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.34.
    • WordPress v5.5.

Version 17.2.1 (2023/11/19)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added a CSS ID value to the pinterest image container.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed in_the_loop() check for hidden Pinterest image in singular posts.
  • Developer Notes
    • None.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.34.
    • WordPress v5.5.

Version 17.2.0 (2023/11/16)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added the « Add Hidden Image for Pinterest » option to author, post type archive, and term descriptions.
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • Added a callback for the ‘get_the_archive_description’ filter.
    • Added a in_the_loop() check to skip adding Pinterest images to posts in the loop.
    • Added a new WpssoPinterest->get_mod_image_html() method.
    • Renamed the WpssoPinterest->get_pinterest_img_html() method to prepend_image_html().
    • Renamed the WpssoPinterest->show_pinterest_img_html() method to show_image_html().
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.34.
    • WordPress v5.5.

Version 17.1.1 (2023/11/12)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • None.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed error calling WpssoSchema::is_valid_key() for items reviewed.
  • Developer Notes
    • None.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.34.
    • WordPress v5.5.

Version 17.1.0 (2023/11/11)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • None.
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • Added new methods:
      • SucomUtilWP::comment_exists()
      • SucomUtilWP::post_exists()
      • SucomUtilWP::term_exists()
      • SucomUtilWP::user_exists()
    • Added a new WpssoUpgradeMeta->md_options() class and method.
    • Refactored the WpssoAbstractWpMeta->upgrade_options() method.
    • Refactored the SucomErrorException::http_error() method.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.34.
    • WordPress v5.5.

Version 17.0.0 (2023/11/08)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added a « View Profile » link in the toolbar menu when editing a user profile.
    • Added a « Creative Work Awards » option for Schema CreativeWork in the Document SSO metabox.
    • Added a « Product Awards » option for Schema Product in the Document SSO metabox.
    • Added an « Awards » option in the SSO > Advanced Settings > About the User metabox.
    • Added an « Awards » option in the WordPress Profile user page.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed locale detection in the back-end.
    • Fixed missing ‘posts_per_page’ argument for admin user/term posts queries.
    • Fixed potentially incorrect canonical URL when copying a post/page.
    • Fixed potentially empty offer details for a product review.
  • Developer Notes
    • Refactored the settings page and metabox load process:
      • Added a new WpssoAdmin->menu_metaboxes variable.
      • Added $obj and $md args to all show_metabox_*() methods.
      • Refactored WpssoAdmin->add_meta_boxes()
      • Refactored WpssoAdmin->show_metabox_table()
      • Refactored WpssoAdmin->show_metabox_tabbed()
    • Refactored is disabled check methods:
      • WpssoUtil->is_canonical_disabled()
      • WpssoUtil->is_redirect_disabled()
      • WpssoUtil->is_shortlink_disabled()
      • WpssoUtil->is_title_tag_disabled()
      • WpssoUtil->is_seo_title_disabled()
      • WpssoUtil->is_seo_desc_disabled()
      • WpssoUtilRobots->is_disabled()
    • Added an $md_key argument to methods:
      • WpssoUtil->get_canonical_url()
      • WpssoUtil->get_redirect_url()
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.34.
    • WordPress v5.5.