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Animated Forms – Contact Form, Login Form, Custom form for WP

Animated Forms – Contact Form, Login Form, Custom form for WP


Animated Forms – All-in-One Ultimate WordPress Form Plugin

Welcome to the next generation of form building with Animated Forms, a lightweight and powerful WordPress plugin designed to transform the way you create and manage forms.

Whether you need a contact form, login form, or a custom form, Animated Forms has you covered with advanced features, animations, drag and drop builder and a user-friendly interface.

The plugin is the future of form building and offers advanced level of features that will make your forms more engaging, interesting and enjoyable.

Pre-made Animation Templates

Animated Forms comes with pre-made animation templates, both free and pro. These templates can be applied to any forms with a single click, making it easy to add eye-catching animations to your forms.

Top Templates :-

  1. Snowy Tree – Free
  2. Bubble Brust – Free
  3. Cosmic Particles – Pro
  4. Exploding Balls – Pro
  5. Orange Tree with Falling Leaf – Free
  6. Starlit Tree Magic – Pro
  7. Frosted Forest Fall – Free
  8. Starry Nightfall- Pro

View all Pre-made Animation Demo

Customizer Builder

The Animated Forms Plugin customizer option gives you freedom and advanced options for uploading your own background and creating unique animations. You can mix and match different elements to design forms that perfectly match your expectations. The customizer allows you to:

  1. Import 100+ Pre-made Backgrounds
  2. Upload your Own Backgrounds.
  3. Choose Solid color or gradient backgrounds
  4. Import animations overlays
  5. Import Forms Styles and Adjust Alignment
  6. Adjust form settings like inner padding, outer padding, border color, size, and alignment
  7. Customize labels with moving animation, gradient animation, solid colors, label font size, font weight, padding, margin and alignment
  8. Customize input box text and background colors, as well as border colors and size.
  9. Configure button settings including text color, background color, border color, width, style, and alignment
  10. Add custom title and content inside or outside the form including making it bold, adding links, making content font size adjustment, font weight, text color, padding, margin and alignment.

And there are many other features. These features provide endless possibilities for creating forms that are not only functional but also visually attractive.

Exclusive Login Form – Login/Registration Page

One of the standout features of Animated Forms wordpress plugin is its ability to create custom login forms with animations. You can design a custom login page and set up redirects after login, providing a best experience for your users. This feature sets our form plugin apart from other form plugins like WP Forms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, and Forminator.

The Plugin is designed to work easily with WordPress, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), and more, making it a best flexible form plugin for any website.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Animated Forms has an easy-to-use dashboard with hundreds of free form templates. The plugin uses a drag-and-drop builder for form creation. Simply drag and drop the required fields to build your form. The free fields include:

  1. Simple Text
  2. Paragraph Text
  3. Website
  4. Phone
  5. Dropdown
  6. Radio Buttons
  7. Checkboxes
  8. Image Radio
  9. Numbers
  10. Email
  11. Number Slider
  12. Consent

As Many more coming soon. With this user-friendly interface, creating complex forms becomes a simple and enjoyable task.

High-Quality Coding Standards

Animated Form is built with high-quality coding standards and follows WordPress all guidelines. This ensures that your forms are fully secure and also optimized for high page speed. A fast-loading website increased user experience and improves your search engine rankings.

SMTP Option (Pro)

The plugin includes an option for Custom SMTP, ensuring reliable email delivery. This feature is important for forms that send notifications or confirmations to users, such as contact forms or registration forms.

Benefits of Using Animated Forms WordPress plugin

Our Plugin offers many benefits that make it a must-have plugin for any WordPress site:

  1. Increase User Experience: The animation features make your forms more engaging and interesting that improving user experience and trust. It increased the chance of filling the forms and refreshes user mind making him more happy.

  2. Customizable Designs: With the ability to upload custom backgrounds, you can create forms animation that perfectly match your site’s branding and expectations.

  3. Time-Saving Templates: The pre-made templates save you time and effort, allowing you to create professional forms quickly.

  4. Ease of Use: The drag-and-drop builder and user-friendly dashboard make form creation easy to users of all skill levels.

  5. High Performance: The plugin’s follows high coding standards ensures that your forms are fast-loading and secure.

  6. Flexibility : Whether you need a simple contact form, login form or a complex custom form, it can handle it all.

Upgrade to Animated Forms Pro

While the free version of Animated Forms offers a wide range of features and animations, upgrading to Animated Forms Pro unlocks even more powerful tools and capabilities. With the pro version, you gain access to:

  1. All the Pro Form Fields
  2. All the Pro Animation Pre-made templates
  3. All the Pro Backgrounds
  4. All the Pro Animation Overlays
  5. All the Pro Form Styles
  6. All the Pro Form Templates
  7. Enhanced customization options
  8. Setup Assistance
  9. Priority support

Upgrading to Animated Forms Pro is a great investment for anyone looking to take their form-building capabilities to the next level. The pro version provides even more flexibility and options to create stunning, interesting forms that attract your audience.


Animated Forms is the future of form building for WordPress. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and high-quality coding standards make it a top choice for anyone looking to create engaging and interesting forms. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, Plugin offers the tools you need to build forms that stand out.

Don’t settle for ordinary forms. upgrade your form-building experience with our PRO Plugin and create forms that are not only functional but also visually stunning. Try Animated Forms today and see the difference it can make for your website.

Do share your reviews as it will help us improve our products.

If you have any feature request, animation request or need any support email us at support@plugin.net , we will try to add it as soon as possible.

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  • Main Forms List Dashboard
  • New Form Template Adding
  • Form Fields
  • Field Settings
  • Background Settings
  • Form Settings
  • Form Label Settings
  • Input Box Settings
  • Button Settings
  • Content Settings
  • Background Templates Adding
  • Pre-made Animations Adding
  • Custom Animation Templates Adding
  • Form Inner Templates Adding
  • Form General Settings
  • Instant Form Preview
  • Form Entries
  • Global Settings
  • Custom Import and Export
  • Full Page Preview


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  1. Upload ‘animated-forms’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


What are the system requirements for using Animated Forms?

It requires WordPress version 5.0 or higher and PHP version 7.0 or higher. Make sure your website meets these requirements for the best performance.

How do I publish and embed my forms on my website?

Once you’ve created your contact form or any form from the plugin interface, you can simply copy the form shortcode and paste it directly to the page, post or anywhere you want to embed.

Does the plugin support custom login pages?

Yes, one of the unique features is the ability to create custom animated login pages. This feature allows you to design a unique and engaging login experience for your users.

Can I request new features or design elements?

Yes, we value user feedback and are always looking to improve our plugin. If you have suggestions for new features or design elements, you can request them, and we will do our best to include them in future updates.

Can I customize the fields in my forms?

Yes, every form field is fully customizable. You can change labels, placeholders, field types, and validation rules to suit your specific needs.


4 juillet 2024
i have made a login form with this plugin and it looks so perfect. I loved this plugin and will use to to create my contact form too. This is what I wanted. In my review, this is the best wp form and I hope they add more animations.i recommend to add redirects features for custom form too. It help us to send users to thank you page. Rest i am fully satisfied with this plugin
3 juillet 2024
I feel this is the best forms plugin in the market. I made contact form with this plugin for my company website. It looks like our website is in the future. The animation is great and i hope they add more animations in the future. I love this form plugin. Recommended to all who want to add forms in their websites. The support is great too as they helped me with setup. Need a better documentation. But it’s easy to use. Thank you to the author for providing such a best form plugin.
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  • New: Backgrounds added
  • Improvement: Styles Updated
  • Improvement: Fixed some minor bugs


  • New: Animation Combination Templates
  • New: Overlays Added
  • New: Back to WordPress Button Added
  • New: Backgrounds Added
  • New: Animations overlays added
  • Improvement: Fixed some minor bugs


  • New Feature to add custom title and content
  • Instant Reflect Functions added
  • New background template added
  • New Pre-made animations added
  • New Animations overlays added
  • New Feature to add custom form width
  • New settings for login redirect added
  • New Button Styles added
  • Fixed content alignment not working
  • Fixed form border not working
  • Fixed Blue Bubbles Animation overlay
  • Some Overlays were not importing fixed
  • UI Improved
  • Fixed some minor bugs and issues.


  • New animation templates added
  • New background template added
  • Animation forms styles updated

1.0 – June 17, 2024

  • Initial release.